RV Buyers Guide

When it comes to RV’s, there is certainly no shortage of choices. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming if you are new to the industry and trying to decide on the first rig for your family. Do you want to tow it? Do you want to drive it? Do you want a trailer? Do you want a 5th wheel? Class A? Class B? Class C? Gas? Diesel? Tiny house? Ok, not so much on the tiny house, but they are an option now and I’ll admit I do enjoy the show on tv. Continue reading “RV Buyers Guide”

April 2019 Financial Update

April is always one of the worst saving months for us historically. Unfortunately, this April was no different. I always play a little game of Russian roulette with our taxes because I despise government spending and waste in general. I choose to hold onto my money as long as possible before the politicians get to waste it; especially state government like we have in California who waste countless taxpayer dollars on lame ideas like a high speed rail line. Um, it’s California! We like our cars and we are not taking a stupid train anywhere, but I digress. Continue reading “April 2019 Financial Update”

What Is Your Investment Strategy?

As I await my final statements for the month of April, I was thinking about my current investment portfolio and what changes, if any, I need to make.

I previously admitted that I went through a long period of time where I didn’t care bother to track or deal with my investments. Just based on this, my portfolio probably needs to be reworked. But there are now other factors at work. Continue reading “What Is Your Investment Strategy?”