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We are back with another update on our dividend portfolio. While we continue to make progress our contributions to the dividend portfolio have slowed down and will continue to be low for the foreseeable future. Why? Well because we are retired and we are no longer work camping. Because we no longer have income it was time to revert back to the original purpose of this portfolio which was to invest all proceeds received from this blog through affiliate links and advertising. This is passive income that is not a part of our retirement budget so investing it to grow more passive income through dividends is the way we are choosing to utilize those funds.

Here is the current list of holdings in our little portfolio (Sorted alphabetically):

Symbol# Of Shares

The first thing I will point out is that we did not add any new positions in the last month and our portfolio still consists of 22 companies and 1 ETF. With the markets fluctuating we have chosen to focus more on adding to our existing positions to build them up and in some cases dollar cost average down. In all honesty this is probably something we should have been doing from the start if the goal is to someday use a covered call strategy to generate more income. Before that can happen we need a full lot, 100 shares, in order to write a covered call and we are a long way from that threshold.

Since our last update we have added 5 shares of ABBV, 2 shares of KHC, 1 share of MMM, 1 share of O, 1 share of T and 2 shares of XOM. Additionally, we received dividends that were reinvested via DRIP from ABR, BKH, DOW, IBM, JNJ, K, KHC, MMM, O, QYLD and SO. It’s nice to start seeing those dividends getting reinvested every month! They are small now but over time they will grow and become more significant.

One note on Weber (WEBR), which to reiterate from our last update does not currently pay a dividend, they had a very good earnings report, their first one as a public company, in which reported that they had record quarterly sales revenue once again. But aside from that great news they also threw out this little nugget during the conference call “When we report our Q4 and full year fiscal 2021 financials and with that time provide guidance for our fiscal year 2022, and we will also at that time provide our EPS outlook, and we will detail our recurring dividend plan.” So there you have it, they will be outlining their dividend plan on the next earnings call which will turn WEBR into a dividend paying stock and hopefully a nice growth one at that.

With the additions to our current holdings and the reinvested dividends our dividend portfolio now sits at approximately $8,250 and has a yield to cost of 4.17%. This is about a $750 and .02% increase from our last update. Additionally, our portfolio will now provide annual forward dividends of about $350 or about $30 per month which is an increase of $50 and $5 per month from our last update. It’s not much but we are moving in the right direction and that’s all that matters.

As was previously mentioned we are now fully retired so the contribution level to this portfolio has slowed. There is a chance that in the next month or so we might actually get paid for the advertising on our site for the very first time in over two years! If that happens it will be something we can invest, so feel free to click away on those advertisements and help put us over the top. 😬

We are also looking into ways to generate a few side hustle dollars as a way to save money here and there and to possibly direct a couple of bucks over to the dividend portfolio. Even $25 here and there can buy some shares so why not. But until any of this actually happens our contributions will only come from affiliate links for RV and camping equipment which varies widely with the seasons, so it could be slow going for awhile.

Thank you as always for reading our blog, we really appreciate you taking time to follow us. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback. We would also like to know what your favorite dividend stocks and/or EFT’s are and also some side hustle ideas that can be done remotely?


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