Campground Review – Las Vegas RV Resort

In the second installment of our campground review series we will be discussing Las Vegas RV Resort, not to be confused with Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort.

This was the first time we stayed at Las Vegas RV Resort and we decided to give it a shot based on some recommendations and the fact it is a 10/10/10 resort on Good Sam. Additionally, the price was within our budget which is always a good thing and it is an 18 and older resort.

One concern we had prior to booking our stay is that the surrounding location is not in the best area of Vegas, but there isn’t really a great area of Vegas to park your RV these days so you have to give a little to get a little.

The campground entrance is off a busy street and is monitored by security 24/7. Security also drives around the resort 24/7 so you feel safe and secure at all times. One thing to watch out for on your approach to the campground is that it is located next door to a KOA campground so you need to make sure you don’t turn too early and go into the wrong entrance. The road in and out is easy and you will need to stop at the guard shack to show your pass anytime you enter the property. This rule applies whether you are in your RV, car or on foot so make sure you carry your pass with you anytime you leave the resort. Once inside the roads are very narrow, but you will be guided to your spot by an escort and they will help you pull into your space and make sure you are properly aligned with the utilities.

Las Vegas RV Resort Entrance


Campsites – All of the campsites are paved asphalt with full hookups for 30/50 AMP RVs. There are a variety of pull-thru and back-in sites with either gravel or paved asphalt between the sites along with a picnic table in each site. There is no grass to be found in this resort and some parts resemble a large RV parking lot. This could be considered a negative since it’s not very “resort like” and it will also be very hot in the 110 degree Summer heat if you chose to stay during those months.

Common Areas – The common areas are well maintained and they have a nice pool and spa area. There are also restrooms, laundry, a small fitness area, recreation room and a separate meeting space. We didn’t use any of them during our stay so we can’t really give an honest assessment. The pet area is nice and large and the best part is that it is divided into four separate spaces so you are usually able to have your pet separate from others unless you don’t want to. There are also smaller pet areas all around the resort so you can take your dog for a walk and not have to worry about finding a space for them to do their business.

The Wi-Fi at the resort is set up as a plan. You can get pretty good reception with just the free plan which is what we used. It probably gets better once you go onto the paid plan if you so choose to do that.

Las Vegas RV Resort Dog Park


The resort is kept clean with plenty of trash areas and regular pickup so there are no overflow problems. The pet areas are gravel so they spray and put water on them daily to keep the stink away. Although we didn’t use the facilities at the location we were told they are also very clean. The one knock in this department is that there are a lot of long term people at this resort and some sites are not the most esthetically pleasing to look at. Most of them are perfectly fine but there are a couple of interesting spots that could use tidying up.

Las Vegas RV Resort Guest Services

Customer Experience

The staff at Las Vegas RV Resort were great to us. This was the resort we were heading to in March when we were involved in an accident. Read about that here. They could have been sticklers for the rules and kept part of our prepayment or even the whole thing because of our last minute cancellation, but instead they issued us a full refund without hesitation. It is because of this great customer service we decided to book another stay with them. They showed professionalism and understanding during a very tough time for us which we really appreciated that.

During our stay, this resort continued to grow on us every day and we really enjoyed our time here. Our concerns about the surrounding area never dampened our mood or factored into our daily life. The staff and the people visiting the resort were great and always seemed to be in a great mood. Being in Vegas we expected to get some noise or loud people but that never happened. Overall it was much better than we had expected.

Las Vegas RV Resort Pull Thru Sites


The rates for Las Vegas RV Resort are very reasonable and because of this we booked another site for the entire Winter. The monthly rates range from $587 to $858 plus electric and the daily rates range from $32 to $62. All of these prices include tax. This might seem a little expensive to some but it really isn’t when compared to a place like Las Vegas Motorcoach resort which starts at $2k a month. Sure it’s not the same luxury resort but there is really no difference between the two when it comes to the amenities and services you can get, so you are just paying for esthetics and maybe a golf putting course.


We found Las Vegas RV Resort to be a much better place to stay than we expected. In fact the longer we stayed there, the more we liked it. Between the great staff, friendly environment, full amenities and just being in Vegas, we really had a great time. And while there is not much they can do about the location itself, they do take every precaution to make sure the resort stays safe and secure. Again we enjoyed our stay so much we booked an additional three months.

As for the city, it really goes without saying, but there is no shortage of things to do in Vegas and there is certainly no fear of getting bored while you are there. You really can do as much or as little of EVERYTHING when you are in sin city. But if you just want to lounge at the pool or out in front of your rig this is a great place to do it.


One of the things we love about Vegas resorts is that they make everything so easy. Low on propane? No worries. Vegas propane will come right to your spot and fill your tank. Want your RV washed or detailed? No worries. They have approved services that will take care of that in your spot too. Oil change needed? They have someone for that too. You just schedule an appointment. Want to fuel up before you hit the road? Yeah they got someone for that too.

Sure you pay a little extra for this convenience but when you are in a city and don’t want to pack everything up and navigate the Vegas traffic and craziness to get your RV washed or propane filled, it’s worth the price.

We hope you enjoyed our review. If you have any thoughts or questions about a resort or campground we review, please feel free to ask in the comments below.


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