From House To Home

We are entering the final week of living in our old sticks and bricks house. It’s been a great place, but we knew it was never going to be our final home. The excitement of finally living in our RV full time far outweighs any emotions of leaving the house and to be honest there really aren’t any emotions about leaving. It’s a great house in a great location but it’s just not us and never has been.

It’s amazing what we have been able to accomplish in the last three weeks. We have sold nearly all of our possessions including our furniture, dishes, cookware, everything in our garage including a car and some of my musical equipment. There have also been some bumps in the road along the way but we have managed to figure out a solution and move along.

As of now we have already moved nearly everything we are taking with us into our RV. All that is left to take is our food and what little clothes we kept to get us through the week. The house is nearly empty with just a couple of sofas that we are sleeping on until they are picked up later in the week and a couple of televisions we need to sell or donate.

We have experienced a wide range of emotions while going through this process. We are so excited to start our adventures but we have also had to deal with some not so fun things. Explaining that we are going to live in our RV to some family members has been difficult. But the worst part was seeing our son go off to college again after being home for over 3 months. To top it off he had to fly through Dallas, TX in one of the worst storms on record. I won’t go into the whole debacle he faced on this blog, but it was very rough. If you follow us on Twitter you probably saw my angry tweets.

Additionally, we have still not resolved our transition with Mrs. RVF’s company. Her direct management is completely on board as she has always worked from home anyway and it will be no different when we are in the RV. But there are always two sides in corporate life with the second one being corporate management and HR. So far they have taken the request under review and will give a decision within 30 days. So there is a little uncertainty about whether or not she will continue to work. Financially we are prepared for either scenario but we would really just like an answer.

The fun part of this process has been booking sites and planning our future stays. The first 2 months or so we will be busy getting our road legs under us and setting up our domicile state. After that we have reserved spaces in Utah for the summer months so we can visit family and see our son when he leaves school for summer break. Once summer ends we will need to figure out where we want to be as the weather starts to change. To us this is the fun part of RV living. We can head east and see the fall colors or head south and find a warm place to stay for a few months. It’s great to have the option to do what ever we want.

With all that has been going on I don’t think we have been able to fully absorb what we have done and will be doing. The reality of the situation probably will not fully hit us until we are at our first stop and have had a moment to catch our breath.

We are excited to see what the future brings and to share events with our readers as they happen. RV life always brings new and demanding challenges along with the joy and freedom of living life on our own terms. Let’s just hope the joy and happiness part far outweighs those demanding challenges.

Until next time………….


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  1. joshua king – Striving for financial independence via retirement planning, investing, real estate, and business. I operate the blog
    joshua king says:

    Good Luck!

  2. True. There will be new challenges and demands and it won’t be a perfect life( if there ever was).
    But it will be exciting, every day will be a new day and in the end will be worth it.
    Wishing you all the best. Looking forward to your updates.

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