Dividend Portfolio Update

Welcome to our last dividend portfolio update of the year. As I’m sure you are aware the markets have been very volatile which has created some great buying opportunities. Unfortunately for us it has been difficult to take advantage of these opportunities because of limited funds available to add to our dividend portfolio.

We continue to use affiliate links and advertising on our blog as our primary sources to generate funds to add to our positions. As anyone with a blog knows this can be excruciating as blogs are not great money makers for most people. We also do online surveys to generate extra cash, but a lot of it gets used in other ways, groceries & household items, so just a small portion goes to the dividend portfolio. It’s nice to save money on everyday items in this environment, but we hope to invest more of this money next year.

Although funds have been limited we have still been able to make some slow and steady progress in the last month. This goes to show that you don’t need to have a lot of money to start building a passive income stream via dividends and that building a portfolio slow and steady over time is still effective.

Here is where our dividend portfolio currently stands:

Symbol# Of Shares

Our strategy for the last few months has been to only add to our existing positions. For the most part we have stuck to this but we did add one new position to our portfolio with Viatris Inc. (VTRS).

With many of our current holdings sitting at prices where we are not able to or not looking to add more shares we started looking for other options. Our fellow bloggers over at Dividend Diplomats had an interesting write up on VTRS that you can read here. After doing some extended research on the company and watching the price action for a few days we were able to get a great entry point and added a few of shares to our portfolio. So thank you to the guys over at Dividend Diplomats!

Since our last up date we added shares to the following positions: ABR(4), DOW(2), MO(1), O(1), QYLD(1), VTRS(3).

We have also reinvested dividends via DRIP for ABR, BKH, DOW, IBM, JNJ, K, KHC, KO, MMM, O, QYLD, SO, WEBR and XOM.

With new purchases and reinvested dividends our dividend portfolio now sits at approximately $9,650 and has a yield to cost of 4.57%. This is an increase of $500 and 0.05% from our last update. Our dividend portfolio will now provide forward annual dividends of $432 or about $36 per month. This is just a small increase of $24 and $2 from our previous update. It’s not huge progress but it’s progress none the less.

As we head into the new year it’s certainly a goal to find ways to generate more funds to buy dividend paying stocks. As tempting as it can be to tap into other funds when opportunities present themselves it is something we need to resist doing for our long term financial health.

Thank you for reading our blog and we look forward to sharing future updates.


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