July 2019 Financial Update

Greetings everyone!

We have closed the book on another month and it’s time to take a look back and see how we performed in July.

Personally, July was a wonderful month. We had a blast on our trip, with the exception of a minor problem with our RV. If you have not visited Yellowstone National Park I highly encourage you to put it on your bucket list. It is one of the most pristine and beautiful places on earth to visit and you will no doubt enjoy your time there. Continue reading “July 2019 Financial Update”


Decisions Decisions!!

It’s been a whirlwind since returning from our road trip. So much so that I haven’t been able to take any time to reflect on our journey as I would have liked. I was hoping to put something together to sum it all up in one nice blog package. I was also hoping to do some comparisons to our previous road trips and see if we did in fact cut back on our overall spending.

But coming home to our lives has been hard, as least for me. I’ll be very honest here, I hate my job. And it’s not so much the job, but more the company and the people we are forced to deal with. When I took this job a few years ago, myself and a couple of other people were hired and tasked with saving a sinking ship. We put a tremendous amount of our time, effort and resources into building relationships with our clients and most of all with our employees who were neglected and mistreated. Continue reading “Decisions Decisions!!”

June 2019 Financial Update

Now that we are home from our summer road trip I was able to take some time and put together our long past due financial update for June 2019.

You have to love watching the stock market. In my May update, you can it read here, I discussed the old adage of “sell in May and go away” which appeared to have been holding true and even compounded by all of the uncertainty regarding trade wars and tariffs in addition to historical trends. If there is one thing the market hates is uncertainty and it can lead to strong down moves very quickly. Continue reading “June 2019 Financial Update”

Checking In From The Road – Part 2

Hello again!

Sadly, we are winding down our road trip and will be heading home soon. At the end of a vacation many people say it’s good to be home. We are not those people. While this is a vacation and not exactly what life will be like once we are able to travel full time, it does offer a small glimpse into the future for us.

We have had many great experiences over the last couple of weeks. We have seen an amazing amount of wildlife. We have fished several lakes, streams and rivers. We have hiked on trails and driven our Jeep on others. We have also spent valuable time with family, most importantly with our son. Continue reading “Checking In From The Road – Part 2”

Portfolio History & Projection

As someone who works with numbers for a living, I tend to enjoy using and creating spreadsheets. Years ago I created several spreadsheets to track and project our portfolio. At that time the FIRE movement didn’t exist, at least to us, and we didn’t have a firm number in place as a goal to work towards. All we knew was we were saving for a retirement that was based more on age than anything else. Remember our so called “advisor” had us pegged for a late 60’s or early 70’s for retirement.

I have kept track of our year end tally for every year since 2001. When I look back, I am amazed at how far we have come in 17 years. Especially because while we have always been pretty good at saving, it has never really been a high priority for us until now. The fact that we are close to passing into 7 figure territory on our portfolio goes to show that time is just important of a factor as the amount you save. Continue reading “Portfolio History & Projection”

May 2019 Financial Update

The old adage in the investing world is “sell in May and go away”.

In the beginning of the month I posted a blog titled “The Stock Market Ride“. In this blog, I noted that I felt we were entering a period where people are looking for a reason to sell. I also noted that this feeling was based on the markets entering what is historically the worst time of the year as well as the knee jerk reactions the markets were having anytime tariffs were mentioned one way or the other. This observation proved to be true as the markets racked up losses in what was a roller coaster of a month.

Was this a stroke of genius on my part? Um….No! Just knowing historical trends and watching daily reactions to news is all it took to know where the markets were heading in the short term. Although I did choose a roller coaster as my image for that blog as well. So maybe there is more to this genius thing? Continue reading “May 2019 Financial Update”

Sometimes, It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good

I wanted to take a moment to write a little more about our personal story. Early in our relationship we had what I would consider an amazing run of luck that would shape our financial lives. While the events were planned, the timing of those events coincided with significant runs in different markets that helped launch our financial portfolio and shape our lives to this day.

Before my wife and I got married in 1999, we had acquired a decent amount of stock in Intel (INTC). Little did we know this investment would blossom into an actual portfolio and set us on the path to financial freedom before we even considered the possibility. Continue reading “Sometimes, It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good”

Haters On FIRE!

I have been reading various financial articles and blogs and it appears some people just don’t get it! Or could it be something else?

The latest article I read was from a well known business publication doing a Q & A session with a so called financial expert. Continue reading “Haters On FIRE!”

The Stock Market Ride

Anyone who has watched or invested in the stock market knows that it is not always for the faint of heart. The market has a way of making you really feel good just before it punches you in the gut.

I enjoy watching the daily ebb and flow of the market. I know I’m in it for the long haul. I don’t worry about big drops or big gains on any given day. The dollar amounts can be sizable, but I don’t need that money today. If you are a person who’s stomach turns at the thought of losing the equivalent of someone’s annual salary on a bad day, week or month, then it’s best you focus your attention elsewhere and stay away from CNBC. Continue reading “The Stock Market Ride”

RV Buyers Guide

When it comes to RV’s, there is certainly no shortage of choices. In fact, it can be downright overwhelming if you are new to the industry and trying to decide on the first rig for your family. Do you want to tow it? Do you want to drive it? Do you want a trailer? Do you want a 5th wheel? Class A? Class B? Class C? Gas? Diesel? Tiny house? Ok, not so much on the tiny house, but they are an option now and I’ll admit I do enjoy the show on tv. Continue reading “RV Buyers Guide”