Dividend Portfolio Update

It seems like the months are flying by and it’s been some time since our last dividend portfolio update. While the markets have been extremely volatile our dividend portfolio has remained somewhat steady. We are not setting the world on fire, but most of the stocks in our portfolio have held up well in comparison to the overall markets.

The level of uncertainty and fear continues to rise due to geopolitical problems, inflation and supply chain shortages. Adding to the downward pressure is our grossly incompetent federal reserve and a federal government that either doesn’t possess a basic understanding of economics or is more interested in satisifying fringe lunatics than doing what is best for the country and our economy.

Dealing with economic issues like inflation and supply chain shortages is difficult enough for markets to digest. When you add government incompetence into the mix you get what we are currently experiencing in our markets and economy today. On top of everything else, we now have a baby formula shortage? Seriously, what is going on in D.C.?

Here is where our dividend portfolio currently stands:

Symbol# Of Shares
As of 5/25 Closing

The only new addition to our portfolio is Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) which were shares that we received as part of the AT&T (T) deal. It’s not a dividend paying position, but we will hold it and see how it goes as a possible growth stock. Other than that we only added to existing positions as we continue to try and build them up.

Since our last update we added more shares to the following positions: ABR(1), MAIN(3), MMM(1) and QYLD(2).

We have also reinvested dividends via DRIP for ABBV, FRT, GIS, IRM, KHC, KMB, KO, MAIN, MO, MPW, O, QYLD, SPTN and T.

As I mentioned in our last update, finding investable cash continues to be difficult so we add small amounts as we can. If we are able to grab a share of ABBV, MMM, IBM or JNJ we certainly will. We were able to add another share of MMM this month so that was a nice pick up. The upside of a down market is being able to buy quality dividend paying stocks that are great long term holds at a low price. But you still need cash to put to work.

Our portfolio currently sits at about $11,050 and has a yield on cost of 4.57%. This is a portfolio increase of about $300 from our last update. Our YOC decreased .04% which was to be expected due to the AT&T transaction and the subsequent 50% dividend cut upon the deal closing.

With the addition of a few new shares and the reinvestment of all dividends received our portfolio will now provide forward annual dividends of $484 or $40 per month. This is an increase of $13 or just over $1 per month from our last update.

While this is not a big increase it is great to see a positive number. We estimated that the AT&T dividend cut would negatively impact us by $13 or $1 per month. We managed to not only offset this reduction, but we also increased our forward dividends by the same amount. There is a lot to be positive about as we surpassed the $40 per month mark and continue to move in the right direction.

It once again goes to show that you don’t need a huge amount of cash flow in order to build a decent portfolio of dividend paying stocks. And with the options for investing today and the availability of commission free trades, fractional share purchases and automated DRIP there is no excuse for not getting started. If you are young and time is on your side the time to get started is now!

We will keep plugging away, slow and steady, as we hope to buy more during this downturn and enjoy the ride when the pendulum inevitably swings back the other way.

We are considering adding a dividend paying ETF like SPYD, SCHD or VYM to broaden our holdings. That would probably mean not buying individual company shares for at least a full month in order to raise funds. But it’s a way for us to get exposure to more great dividend paying companies with less money, which might suit us well.

Thank you for reading our blog! Happy investing!


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