Campground Review – Jetstream RV Resort

In this edition we will be reviewing Jetstream RV Resort at NASA located in Webster, Texas.

This was our second visit to Jetstream RV Resort and we stayed at the resort for 2 months after leaving our lovely spot in Sedona, AZ. Since our last visit here almost 2 years ago, and after we made our new reservation, the resort went through a management change when it was acquired by Sun Outdoors. We were a little concerned that it wouldn’t be the same. From what we saw, most of the changes being made were for the good.

Jetstream RV Resort at NASA is located south of Houston just off Interstate 45 heading towards Galveston. The location is great because you are centrally located between Houston and Galveston and you can be in either area in 15 to 20 minutes. Best of all, it is minutes away from NASA Johnson Space Center! If you are a NASA or Space X fan like us, this is the place to be.

The approach and the entrance to the resort is about as easy as one could ask for. It is a secured and gated resort. When you arrive, you pull up to the gate and the staff will let you in. The interior roads are nice, smooth and super wide. You should never have a problem with space trying to get in or out of your spot.

Interior Entrance Road


Campsites – Jetstream RV Resort offers a variety of different site types including back-in, pull-thru and even covered back-in sites. All of the sites are full hook-ups and the entire resort is concrete and very level so there should be no problem getting settled. The best sites in the park are the oversized pull-thrus, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the sites here. They are very long and most of them have a small offset in the rear for tow vehicle parking. You can easily fit two vehicles in the back of your spot if needed. The only real issue we see with the sites is that the pads lack the width to go along with the length. If you have opposing slides on your RV like we do, you end up sitting in the grass if you watch TV outside. Not a big deal, but something to take note of if you have a larger RV.

Our pull-thru site

Common Areas – The common areas are well maintained and the staff does a great job of keeping everything clean and orderly. The office and clubhouse are in immaculate condition! Not only is it clean, but they have a pool table, shuffleboard table, big screen TV and coffee station for visitors to enjoy all free of charge.

Inside the clubhouse is also the gym, an arcade, vending machines and the business center. If you need a snack or a place to do a little work, they have you covered. Another great addition if you are full-time is that you can get mail and package deliveries at the resort. They offer a mailbox key for your assigned site so any mail can come right to you. There is a $10 deposit for the key that is refunded when you check out. All package deliveries from UPS, Fedex and Amazon go directly to your site.

Clubhouse Interior

The resort has an amazing outdoor seating area that contains built-in BBQ’s, a dog washing station, fire pits and cornhole. It’s a great place to gather with new friends or just relax and enjoy the outdoors. Of additional note, the resort has onsite storage lockers if you are full-time and want to put some stuff in a safe place during your stay.

Outdoor Seating Area

Like everything at this resort, the pool area is a good size and they have lounge chairs in the pool which are great to relax on. Per management, they are preparing to add a spa which will only make the area better. There are restrooms and showers attached to the main building just outside the pool area that are clean and well stocked.

Pool Area

Outside of the office, guests have access to the laundry and the aforementioned mailboxes. The laundry area is clean but there were quite a few units that were out of order. This seems to be a common problem at campgrounds for some reason.


The resort uses Tengo Internet for wifi services. There is a free version or tiered plans you can purchase based on the length of your stay. The free version isn’t good for much of anything at all. We upgraded to the monthly high speed service for $29.99 a month which allowed us to stream movies. In our past experience with Tengo there were times when the service went down and for long periods of time. We didn’t seem to have any of those issues at Jetstream and the service worked great most of the time.

If you have pets, the resort features two huge off-leash areas, but there needs to be a word of caution here. The off-leash areas surround swampy grasslands and being in South Texas that means animals. While we were there we saw deer, turtles and cottonmouth water moccasins! These are venomous snakes and although dogs love to run free in and around the water it is imperative that owners stay close to their pets to make sure they stay safe.

Dog Park


Jetstream RV Resort is kept extremely clean and we didn’t see any visible issues that should be addressed. As guests leave, the staff comes by and cleans the sites so incoming guests have a pristine site when they arrive. They do not have curbside trash pickup. Guests will need to take their bagged trash outside of the front gate to the dumpsters. This is kind of a pain because the only access to the pedestrian gate entrance is on the far end of the campground. You are required to walk all the way around the resort to access it, unless you choose to drive out and back in.

This would probably be our only real constructive criticism as they should have a more accessible gate for guests to walk through. We ended up driving through the gate or waiting for someone else to drive through before making the dash to the dumpster. The location of the pedestrian gate leads lazy people to walk through sites which could be avoided with a proper gate location.

Customer Experience

We really enjoyed our return visit to Jetstream RV Resort at NASA and we will certainly return again some day. The area is great, the people are great and you can’t beat the proximity to so many great parks, hiking trails, beaches and downtown Houston. Everything about the area was really appealing to us. Not to mention grocery shopping at the local H.E.B. and visiting Buc-ee’s for a brisket sandwich and beaver chips!!

The resort is clean and peaceful. If you like to watch military aircraft you can’t beat the location for viewing the activity from Ellington AFB. During our stay we saw drones, helicopters and there was no shortage of jets doing touch-n-go’s daily. Hence the name “Jetstream”.

With all of these great things we do have one criticism and it pains us to say this. Along with the ownership change came new management and a new computer system. This is to be expected with any ownership change, but in this case neither are good or being well received.

While our interactions with management were few, they were not pleasant. And it wasn’t just us. It was the talk of the entire RV park! The displeasure is also reflected in the online reviews since the ownership change. The rest of the office staff and the people working outdoors were great and a pleasure to be around. Not so much for management.

Another issue is the implementation of the Sun Outdoors computer system regarding reservations and invoicing for monthly electrical usage.

We made our reservations prior to the ownership change so we thought it was just a problem because of a timing quirk. After hearing and speaking with other guests, it appears this is a more widespread problem and one that would have cost us more money had we not been alerted to what was being said.

Our problem came about because we had reserved a particular type of site, but the resort staff decided to move us to a more expensive site and never notified us. When we checked it they were going to charge us the higher price. Fine, just move us back to the type of spot we paid for, right? No can do. Those spots are taken! After much discussion we ended up staying in the more expensive spot at the lower price. We agreed to it as it was the resort that made the error and now couldn’t put the reservation back to how it was made.

We commend management for making it right, but this is something that is easily avoided with proper training or remedied without the unwelcome banter.

As for the electrical readings we felt our readings were accurate, but they invoiced us at odd times and for odd periods instead of monthly which was strange. They again blamed it on the system for which we will give them the benefit of the doubt. We never received the promised email notifications that an invoice was due, so everything showed past due in their system. It didn’t impact anything, just very annoying and very avoidable.


For the level of amenities that are provided at Jetstream, the pricing is fairly affordable. We paid $735 per month plus electric and the daily rate looks to be around $75 per night. This is well below other resorts that offer less bang for your buck.


After 2 months at Jetstream, we were sad to leave as we enjoyed everything about the resort and South Texas. It was everything we remembered from our first visit and more.

During our stay we visited Galveston Island several times and strolled on the beach. We checked off a stadium visit when we went to a baseball game at Minute Maid Park. We visited the Houston Zoo, Houston Downtown Aquarium, The Pleasure Pier, Kemah Boardwalk, Museum Of Natural Science and of course NASA Johnson Space Center.

In addition to all of these great places, there seems to be an unlimited number of parks and trails to walk throughout the area. All of these areas are perfect for walking, riding bikes and enjoying the day outdoors.

NASA Johnson Space Center


As we touched on, the airbase does put on quite a show pretty much every weekday. Some might see it as a negative due to the noise, but we found ourselves sitting outside and enjoying the show more often than not. And if the wind is blowing the right direction, make sure you have your cameras ready because they will be directly overhead!

This is why they call it Jetstream!

That’s a wrap of this edition of our campground reviews. We hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions about the resort or our stay, please ask in the comments below.

Thank you and safe travels!


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