Leaving Pennsylvania

Sadly our time in Pennsylvania will soon be coming to an end. It’s hard to believe that we have already been here for two months! While we are always excited to move on to another adventure this is going to be a more difficult transition than usual as we leave here not knowing how much time will pass before we see our son again. It’s feels like a repeat of 2020 when we dropped him off at his dorm for the first time and headed home to an empty house.

Over the last couple of months we have enjoyed some hiking, sightseeing and a few minor league baseball games. We didn’t get to do a much hiking as we would have liked however as once we arrived in town we decided to let our son use our jeep for transportation to and from work so he could save money. We are very fortunate that our son loves to work and he will typically take the bus or an Uber. Unfortunately, when you don’t make a lot of money this can get expensive and it takes a nice chunk of his take-home pay just to show up. Our son, being the opportunist that he is, used this time to the fullest and took on every shift and all the extra hours he could get to build up his savings. For us that meant not having a vehicle and a little less face time, but it was worth it to help him make some extra cash.

World Famous Altoona Curve

When we were able to get out we tried to see as much as we could. We spent a couple of days seeing different parts of the old Allegheny Portage Railroad and of course the world famous Altoona Curve. If you have never been to the curve we highly recommend it as it’s a great place to spend the day with family and enjoy a picnic while watching the trains pass through. We also highly recommend seeing some of the old historic railroad sites as they are an engineering marvel with some great tunnels where the hiking trails go through them.

Staple Bend Tunnel

One of our long term goals is to see a baseball game in every major league baseball stadium. Not having a vehicle hurt us a little bit at this stop as we were hoping to see a Pirates and/or a Phillies game but logistically it wasn’t possible. Luckily for us the Pirates double A team plays just down the road from our campground so we were able to see a few games and get our baseball fix there. Also, all but one of the games were free for us so it all worked out for the better!

Altoona Curve AA Baseball

As we close the chapter on this stop it’s worth noting that none of this would have happened if we didn’t pursue financial freedom and rid ourselves of the corporate shackles. Being able to live life on our own terms gave us the freedom to spend most of the summer with our son and enjoy some valuable family time. If we were still working this probably would not have been possible with his busy work schedule and ours.

Traveling full-time in an RV might not be your cup of tea, but being free to live life on your own terms is something everyone should strive for. The ability to be flexible, live your best life and dedicate more time to family is more fulfilling than any paycheck or promotion we ever received.

Despite the challenges in todays economic environment we are grateful to be in this position and make the most out of every day. Next stop…………….Kentucky!

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See you on the road…………………


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4 thoughts on “Leaving Pennsylvania

  1. Joe,

    Where in Kentucky are you kids heading to? They just had all tat flooding, so, hopefully it won’t effect your travel plans. My in-laws live in Beaver Dam/Heflin area of Western Kentucky. Be safe and have fun. I always enjoy your posts!

    Burton Brink ________________________________

    1. Yeah we are watching the situation. We will be just west of Lexington on the Kentucky River. I don’t think that area was impacted, but knowing we are on the rivers edge is a little worrisome right now.

  2. Amber – Hebron, IN – Hello, and welcome! My name is Amber, my husband's name is Kalen, and we're living in Indiana, pursuing financial independence together. We have two cats, a dog, and a love of travel. Join me as I document our meals (I love to cook!), our life together, and our journey to FI.
    Amber says:

    As a fun bit of information, my great grandfather used to be a pitcher for the Pirates in the 1940s! Nick Strincevich. 🙂 My family are Cubs fans though (and so was he).

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