When I decided to start this blog, it was really on a whim. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and probably still don’t for the most part. All I really knew at the time was that we wanted to work towards living and traveling full time in our RV. We also knew that we needed to achieve FIRE in order to do it so we were not relying on 9-5 jobs to fund our lifestyle.

Now that we are just over a month into our journey it is obvious that FIRE and our dream of life on the road are like a yummy PB&J sandwich. Each part has its own delicious flavor, but when you put the two together, there is just another tasty level that comes out of the combination.

There are various types of people that consider themselves full time RVer’s. There are retired folks that travel the country at their leisure. There are working folks with families that live stationary in their RV, but still go to work every day. There are people that roam from place to place working odd jobs. There are also people that are skilled in a specific field and don’t want to be tied down to a particular place. I’ve seen traveling nurses, doctors, carpenters, handymen and much much more.

Full time in the RV community has many various meanings, but they all have things in common as well. Most people don’t want to work a traditional 9-5 job schedule. Most people watch expenses to keep their cost of living down; sometimes by choice, sometimes by necessity. And most people wouldn’t live life any other way.

This is where FIRE comes in to enhance the flavor of being full time. Let me first say, there is nothing wrong with any of the examples above. Everyone has their own view of what makes them happy. For us, happiness means that we are financially independent, retired early, and living full time in our RV. It means we are going where we want, when we want, and without restriction. It doesn’t mean we won’t do some sort of “work” to keep ourselves occupied. But we won’t be forced to work in order to support our lifestyle.

When we achieve our financial goals, then our life goals will become much more obtainable. Our level of happiness will certainly increase. This is already evident by how we feel about coming back from road trips and weekend excursions. Some people says it’s great to be home. Not us!! We feel like we are leaving our home to go back to a life we have been forcing ourselves to lead. It’s not that it’s a bad life, it’s just not the life we know brings us the most happiness.

The unintended consequence of this blog, in a good way, is that I see clearly now that achieving FIRE is not just a side ingredient in our journey. It is an essential ingredient to make the perfect combination of flavors in our lives. When we look at the other options people have chosen to live full time in their RV, they are not appealing to us. Could we live in our RV full time without reaching FIRE? Sure, and we might do that for a short period of time. But that is not our life recipe and would probably leave a sour taste in our mouths if we have to swallow that pill for too long.

We have already achieved a lot in our lives. The discovery of our passion for RV travel and living was like discovering the main ingredient for our life happiness. Discovering the FIRE movement not too long ago was like finding the perfect complimentary ingredient to maximize our flavor. Together these two ingredients complement each other and make the whole much better than their individual parts.

What are your complementary life ingredients? Leave a comment below.

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One thought on “RV & FIRE = PB&J

  1. I can relate to the joy of travelling for a living.

    I spent a handful of years in my 20’s as a touring musician. Hitting the road for 4 to 6 weeks at a time, living in a 15 passenger van with a few of my closest friends. I loved that feeling.

    Sleeping in Walmart parking lots, meeting new folks and crashing on random floors. So many great memories.

    Financially, the lifestyle wasn’t sustainable, but now that I’m on the path to FIRE I’m hoping to pick up where I left off eventually.

    …and yah…we ate a TON of PB&J’s…so good.

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