What’s Our End Game?

After being on the road and seeing the country it’s only natural to start asking questions. The biggest question that comes to mind is…. What’s our end game? We love being on the road, but it would be naive to think we can do this forever. Our family would certainly like to know the answer to this question. Some of them think we are crazy for living this way to begin with.

In hindsight, this is probably something we should have considered during the planning phase. But back then we were focused on getting to a better place in life. We have always known that our end game didn’t include staying in a high tax state like California. It was always just a matter of time before we moved somewhere else regardless.

In a way we are just doing what we do best, winging it!

This might sound kind of reckless and it probably is to some extent. But how do we plan for an end game when we are just getting started? It feels impossible to plan that far ahead when we have no intention of settling down anytime soon. We have to ask ourselves what factors would change this and force our hand?

Potential End Game Factors

There are a number of factors that could cause the end game to come into play for us. Some we would prefer not to think about and some are exciting to consider. Let’s take a look at what we think would be the top five factors that would bring about the end game for our RV adventures.

Factor #1 – Health

Health is probably the biggest, and scariest, factor that could bring about a sudden end game. It’s hard to think of a worse way for this adventure to end. You never know what the future might bring and some things are out of our control. Heck, that’s the reason we started this adventure in the first place! Many RV’ers have had their adventures end prematurely due to health reasons so it’s definitely a possibility to consider. Let’s hope not!

Factor #2 – Finances

We worked very hard to become financially independent. Part of that process was making sure we planned for scenarios like a recession and economic instability. If this factor came to fruition it would mean all of our planning failed. Yikes! While it’s better than a health problem, it would be a horrible way for things to end! Add to that the thought of having to go back to work, BLAH!

And let’s be honest here, after the stock market disaster of 2022 it was absolutely something that crossed our minds. Our portfolio plummeted below our F.I.R.E. number and at times it was hard to not think about our adventure possibly coming to a swift end. We are still not even close to being back to where we were, but we are feeling a little better today than we did in January. So our planning appears to have paid off as we weathered the storm and are still in great shape.

Factor #3 – Family Event

At this point in our adventure we see this as the most likely reason life on the road would come to an end. With our son graduating college next year there will no doubt be some life changes coming his way.

Once he begins a new career somewhere in the U.S. that will certainly play a part in our travel plans. Over time he might meet the right person then decide to settle down and start a family. There’s no bigger reason to implement our end game than the thought of being closer to our growing family. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves because we are not in a hurry to be grandparents.

Factor #4 – Finding A Forever Home

This possibility isn’t something we would have ever thought about going into this. However, in our short time on the road we have met a number of people that were in this exact situation. They were full-time travelers, fell in love with a location after visiting and bought a home.

If we stop and think about it, this is something that could legitimately happen to us. We can already think of a few places we have visited and made a remark about how we could see ourselves living there. The longer we are on the road and the more places we see this could end up being our future end game.

Factor #5 – We’re Over It

The passage of time brings new passions, circumstances and opportunities. After living in a 200 square foot RV for a number of years and roaming the country there may come a time when it’s just not fun anymore. This lifestyle can be an amazing adventure, but it can also be grueling when things aren’t going well. Social media is littered with groups where people live this lifestyle. Many people in those groups realize they bit off more than they could chew, have buyers remorse or are just over the planning it takes to keep going.

We are still in the early stages of our adventure so this isn’t a factor we see impacting us any time soon. However, as the years roll on it’s possible we will get tired of the planning, driving, small spaces and the expense of living life on the road. This could be a real end game possibility in the future.


Life on the road has been great so far. While we feel like we are really just getting started it never hurts to look ahead. Anyone of these five factors could bring about our RV life end game. Some factors could happen with little or no warning.

While we don’t like to be pessimistic we should have a realistic outlook on the future. As much as we love being on the road now, we can’t go on forever. Priorities, circumstances and tastes change with time and at some point we will need to change our lifestyle with them. It isn’t happening anytime soon we can tell you that much.

Maybe we will become permanent cruisers once we move on from RV life? We hear that’s a thing now.

If you are full-time what’s your end game? Let us know in the comments below as we would love to hear about your plan.

Safe travels!!


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4 thoughts on “What’s Our End Game?

  1. It’s great hearing you process your end game. I’m trying to do the same. Kudos for gaining financial independence and taking advantage of life. And yeah… The cost of living in CA is brutal. Enjoy your travels!

    1. The hard part, when the time comes, will be where to settle. I think we will both know when it’s time, but I’m not sure if we will agree on the place unless somewhere just blows us away.

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