Summer Road Trip Final Preparations

We are now just a couple of days away from departing on our Summer road trip. The hard work, for the most part, is done. We spent this past weekend stocking up on food and shopping for the last remaining items on our need-to-buy list. Additionally, we spent a day at our RV going over our pre-trip checklist to make sure everything is in good working order and ready to roll.

The checklist included:

  • Check all tires for cracking and odd wear
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check engine fluid
  • Check transmission fluid
  • Check power steering fluid
  • Fill window washer fluid
  • Fill DEF
  • Lubricate slide outs
  • Lubricate entry steps
  • Check fluids in generator and run under load

We also tow our Jeep when we travel. Some people don’t consider it, but it is just as important to apply any applicable items from the checklist above to the Jeep as well. If something goes wrong on the vehicle being towed, it can be just as devastating as something going wrong on the RV.

In my previous post titled Vacation Spending & FIRE, I talked about our desire to keep our spending in check for this trip. So far we have done a good job. We bought all of our food in bulk or at Walmart. Even though it was expensive up front, it will save us money in the long run when we don’t eat out for every meal. We only purchased one item that wasn’t on our list to buy, which was a new comforter for our RV bed. It wasn’t very expensive and we offset some of that cost by holding off on purchasing a replacement part that can last another trip.

We will spend the rest of this week taking care of the last of our preparations, including the all important RV wash. You have to look good when you travel after all.

This is going to be a great trip and we are all very excited it is finally here as we are eager to get on the road. This trip also represents a milestone as well as the end of an era for us. We have done a family trip every Summer and this will be the last time our son will be joining us for the foreseeable future. Next Summer will be dedicated to college preparations and making sure he gets where he is going safely and that he has everything he needs.

It’s always important to take your time and enjoy the moment. There is no substitute for quality family time and the memories that are created on family vacations. In my opinion, there is nothing more important for us to remember as we get ready to set off on this trip. We certainly hope it will not be the last time he goes on the road with us. But once he goes off to college and begins to live a more independent life, it will be difficult to get him back in the RV. Plus he may be on the opposite end of the country from us and has already expressed his desire to stay there after college.

So this Summer, our road trip carries extra meaning to us. It marks the beginning of a year long life transition for both our son and eventually for our personal lives.

Just the thought of that is both exciting and frightening.

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One thought on “Summer Road Trip Final Preparations

  1. M Miles – Love my fur kiddos, boating, camping, junking and vintage rv's. Beginning planning stages in order to travel on the road. Oh and I love to cook!!!
    M Miles says:

    We too are trying to keep costs down on our next trip especially as we just bought a different travel trailer. I pick up a lot of things at Dollar Tree. Some things though you just have a to splurge on.

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