RV Essentials Dog Edition

One of the things we enjoy most is taking our dog with us on road trips. He is our four-legged family member who brings joy to our lives and makes our home complete. He also loves the camping glamping lifestyle as much as we do, as you can see.

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Like most dog lovers, we are always looking for new products to make traveling with our buddy easier and more comfortable. Additionally, while it’s wonderful to travel with your pet, there are rules at campgrounds that need to be followed.

We recently posted an article titled Essentials For Your New RV that can be found here. After our latest excursion we thought it would be good to put together a list of camping essentials for people traveling with their dogs. These are products we have found useful in our travels and hope others will as well.

  • IRIS Medium Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage – After kicking over a few water bowls, we discovered this item. It gives you an airtight place to store pet food and elevates the food and water bowls off the ground. Works great inside and outside of the RV.
  • Best Friends Shag Cuddler – What dog doesn’t like laying on a soft and cuddly bed? Plus it helps to keep your dog off your bed.
  • Collapsible Water Bowls – We have these collapsible bowls in our RV. We use them for water when lounging around outside. We also carry them with us when we hop in our Jeep for a sightseeing excursion.
  • Folding Storage Ottoman – We previously recommended this folding ottoman as one of our favorite camping gadgets here. We are again recommending it because one of the main things we use it for is to store the dog toys. And as mentioned before, it also doubles as a coffee table and a place to put your feet up.
  • Dog Waste Bags – These really do not need an explanation. All responsible dog owners should have a large supply when traveling to keep the campgrounds clean.
  • Dog Tie Out Cable – This is another item we previously recommended in our budget friendly camp items here. This allows your dog some room to roam while still being contained. We hook the cable to the undercarriage of our RV. We have used the spiral stake in larger spaces.
  • Universal Dog Brush – Brushes are a must have item especially those of us that take our dogs camping. All of the playing and exploring on trips leads to messy and tangled fur.
  • Kong Classic Toy – This has to be one of the greatest dog inventions. Unfortunately, we can’t take our dog to every place we visit. We sometimes are required to leave our dog in the RV. To keep him occupied, we load up the Kong with treats or peanut butter and let him go to work. Keeps him busy for quite a long time. If you have a heavy chewer, you can get the extreme Kong here.
  • Dog Food Mat – If your dog is anything like ours, there is always a bit of a mess after eating and drinking. This mat has raised edges to help keep things contained And ward away potential pests.
  • Personalized Dog Collar – Every dog owner fears losing their family pet. We were in need of a new dog collar and discovered this gem. You can have your pet’s name and your contact information embroidered onto the collar. Should your pet get lost, this can help them find their way back to you.

We hope some of these products will be as beneficial to you as they have been for us.

Please leave a comment below with any products you might use for your pet while on the road as we are always interested in your feedback.

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4 thoughts on “RV Essentials Dog Edition

  1. M Miles – Love my fur kiddos, boating, camping, junking and vintage rv's. Beginning planning stages in order to travel on the road. Oh and I love to cook!!!
    M Miles says:

    Loved this! We too take our fur kiddos with us when we go and wouldn’t have it any other way. We just got a different camper and need to figure out where we can create a cubby for our one dog to go in. In our old camper she always went under the bed, however this one is not made like that.

  2. Cheryl Norman – Drake Springs, Florida – I'm an author of light romantic suspense and cookbooks, and an avid reader of everything! Into healthful meals? Check out my HASTY TASTY MEALS KITCHEN. (http://hastytasty.blog)
    Cheryl Norman says:

    Good post! Our dogs are family members, aren’t they? The RV lifestyle is suited for our pets.

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