Campground Review – Jim & Mary’s RV Park

In this edition of our campground review series we will be reviewing Jim & Mary’s RV Park located in Wye, MT.

This was our first visit to Jim & Mary’s RV Park and it was a place we were super excited about. Many folks on social media RV groups had mentioned this RV park as one of their favorite places in Montana. So we had high hopes and booked a stay for most of June and early July 2023.

Jim & Mary’s RV Park is located off of interstate 90 just outside of Missoula at the exit for US 93. The location is super easy to find and all you really need to do is make sure you turn at the correct street as the signage could be a little confusing.

At first we were concerned about having some road noise with the interstate, hwy and the truck stops all nearby. This turned out to be a nonissue as the campground is nice, quiet and a very peaceful place to relax and enjoy the fresh Montana air.

The check-in process was quick, easy and the office staff were wonderful to deal with. In fact, when we arrived a massive thunderstorm had just passed through and the staff at Jim & Mary’s did something no other RV park ever has. They came outside to our window and took our information so we didn’t have to go out in the rain and walk in the puddled streets.

Sure it’s not a huge deal, but it’s a small way to show consideration for arriving guests. It’s also a first great impression and sets a good tone for the stay. That’s something we have talked about before in prior reviews and something we take note of when deciding to book again.

Jim & Mary’s RV Park Office


Jim & Mary’s RV Park is not a place with a lot of amenities. They have a laundry room, bathhouse and that’s about it. But, this isn’t a location you go to for a game of pickle ball or to soak up the sun in the pool. This is Montana! It’s all about the outdoors and enjoying everything Missoula has to offer. There is a lot more to life than lounging around so get outside and do something!


The RV park is just the right size and has a combination of pull-thru and back-in sites. All of the sites are compacted gravel and have full hook-ups. The middle sites all have beautiful trees providing plenty of shade. We requested to be in the A row as we have a rooftop satellite and needed clear skies for it to work. Well, the trees still blocked the line of site so it never did. It’s no big deal because we weren’t there to watch tv anyway. However, we would have booked an interior site had we known so we could have enjoyed the shade from the trees.

Jim & Mary’s RV Park

Common Areas

The common areas at Jim & Mary’s RV Park is what really sets the tone and ambiance. There is an off leash dog park for your pets to enjoy. However, they take great care of the grounds and every spring they plant fresh flowers throughout the park. All of these amazing flowers are grown onsite in their greenhouses and are absolutely beautiful. While the pet park is a great place for furry friends, we suggest just walking around the park and enjoying the scenery.

We were fortunate enough to arrive just as they were finishing up the planting. Over the course of our stay the park transformed as the flowers bloomed with bright colors. Between the big green trees and the colorful flowers it made our daily walks more enjoyable and more frequent.

Jim &Mary’s RV Park Laundry Room


There isn’t much more to be said here. The park is spotless and only gets better as the flowers bloom. We walked around the park several times a day and never even saw a piece of trash or something out of place on the ground.

The dumpster area is up towards the office and we were pretty close to it. There was never a problem with overfilling or stinky stuff at any time. They do have some odd rules with their recycling, but that’s on the pickup people not the park.

Customer Experience

The only thing we travelers ever want is to be at a place where we can relax and enjoy life hassle free. We don’t want to deal with crazy people, smelly garbage or rude employees. We also don’t want to deal with annoying neighbors, screaming kids or see a jalopy with junk piled up across the way.

Jim & Mary’s is that place where travelers can go to and enjoy life without hassle or nuisance. From the moment we arrived to the moment we pulled out from our spot we enjoyed our stay and the people around us. And this was not an easy time for us as it’s where we said goodbye to our little buddy Murphy.

It was an emotional time and our walks around the park, taking in the flowers and seeing the beautiful surroundings helped us through that pain. We couldn’t have asked for a better location at such a tough time.

Jim & Mary’s RV Park


If there is one downside to Jim & Mary’s RV Park it might be the cost. Of course this is subjective to everyone’s own budget, but it was on the expensive side. This is mostly because they don’t offer a monthly rate in prime season. As such, if you are looking for an extended stay between March and October be prepared. Instead of one monthly rate you will pay several weekly rates. It’s a slight discount from the standard nightly rate but still pricey.

This is understandable from a business perspective so we get it. They will fill up no matter what so that’s the price. If it was my business I would do the same thing. So this isn’t a complaint against the RV park, we just want our readers to be able to make an informed decision.

For our four week stay we paid $1,472 which is almost double our monthly budget. That’s a weekly rate of $368 which again is on the high side. And because this is a weekly rate and not a monthly rate we only stayed for 28 days instead of our typical 30 days. So we paid more for less when it comes to time in the park. On the positive side the electric is included in the rate so there is no additional expense for that line item.

Again, we knew this before hand and were fine with it for our budget. Every year we splurge on a more expensive area so this is not a complaint. We are just providing information to our readers so they can make their own decision in line with their budget.

The daily rate looks like it is $55 to $61 per night depending on if you have a Good Sam membership. This rate is a pretty fair price for a daily rate in Montana as we have seen some go up to $100 a night. So not too bad if you are looking for a place for a few days.


Our stay at Jim & Mary’s RV Park was exactly what we had hoped for when we booked it. We had seen some of the photos other campers posted and the experience we got aligned exactly. From the time we arrived the staff went out of their way to make sure we were taken care of. They also allowed package deliveries with no hassle which is something we always appreciate as full-timers.

If we decided to just relax outside at home it was always nice to sit and look at the flowers and breathe the fresh air. If we decided to venture into town, go fishing or travel farther north for a day trip this was the perfect place to launch from. And when we went through a devastating loss the beautiful ambiance and peaceful tranquility helped us heal.

Sure this all comes at a little bit of a price, but we don’t live this life to not enjoy it. And for us the key is to adjust our budget accordingly throughout the year to allow for places like this. And that makes it worth every penny and we will be back!


We have a couple of bonus ideas this time around. Jim and Mary’s RV Park is just a couple of hours from one of the most pristine places on earth, Glacier National Park! If you have never been to Glacier it is a must see on the bucket list. We are huge fans of Yellowstone, but Glacier is a sight to behold.

Glacier National Park

We made the day trip north and the drive alone was worth it. The Flathead Lake area is amazing and if you’re lucky the fruit stands will be open and you can get fresh picked cherries. Just be prepared for it to be a long day. But’ it’s well worth the time and the drive.

Murphy at the Paddleheads Game

The second bonus is for baseball fans like us. Missoula is home to the Paddleheads. They’re an Independent baseball team in the Pioneer league and were previously an affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks before the minor league contraction in 2020. The team is still a MLB professional partner and the games are fun, competitive and great for families.

The Paddleheads will always have a place in our hearts as the game we went to was their woof Wednesday game. This was the last time our Murphy was out with us and we made great memories that day. Their field also has the best outfield view in baseball if you ask us!

Safe Travels!


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