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In previous blogs we wrote about our favorite gadgets and essentials for your new RV in which we listed items we love using now or have enjoyed using in the past during our travels.

I read a lot of blogs and belong to a lot of RV groups and there are many gadgets and products that are very popular with RV’ers and campers. We thought it would be a fun idea to change it up a little and create a list of these items since they are popular and everyone’s needs are different. Please note that we have not used any of these products.

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  • Blackstone Griddle – Top on this list has to be the Blackstone Griddle. I’m more of a grill guy myself, but this is an extremely popular item for RV’ers and campers. If you don’t like the tabletop version it also comes in a 28 inch and 36 inch version.
  • Yeti Hopper – If there is one thing glampers love doing, its lounging by the pool. If there is one thing glampers hate doing, its getting out of the pool to walk back to the RV for a fresh beer. Enter the Yeti hopper.
  • Telescoping Ladder – If you have an RV you will need a ladder. I have seen these ladders being used at many campgrounds. A lot of people bungee cord ladders to their RV ladder but this one collapses and will fit in a storage space.
  • Davy Crockett Pellet Smoker – This portable smoker / grill is a popular item and the folks I have talked to seem to love it. If you’re like me and carry a grill and a smoker this could take the place of both and save some storage space.
  • Portable Camping Kitchen– We have seen a few of these in our travels. They are a nice way to set up your cooking area and keep it organized. I’ve considered purchasing one because cooking is a big part of our outdoor life.
  • Portable Fire Pit – Who doesn’t love a campfire? Being glampers you don’t get the opportunity to have a campfire unless you bring it with you. These portable fire pits are becoming very popular at RV resorts and campgrounds.
  • Portable Pet Fence – These portable pet fences are becoming more and more popular at RV resorts and campgrounds. It’s a good way to not only keep your pets safe inside your campsite, but it’s also a good way to keep other people’s pets out of your campsite.
  • Weather Station – The weather is always a big factor when it comes to camping. Having a weather station that can take indoor and outdoor readings is something a lot of RV’ers use to help plan their day.
  • E-Z Up Canopy – People often invite friends and family to their campsite and there is only so much room under an RV awning. Having an E-Z Up canopy is almost becoming a must have item for anyone looking to travel in an RV. You can also purchase an enclosed version for additional privacy.
  • Rope Lights – We are seeing more people personalize and light up their campsites with decorative rope lights. It adds a nice touch and breaks up the concrete parking lot feel.

Everyone has different taste and all RV’s are certainly not built the same. While these are not items that we have personally used yet, they are popular in the RV and camping communities.

If you have something that you use in your camping adventures please leave a comment as we are always interested in new gadgets and camping accessories.


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