Campground Review – Parkers Crossroads RV Park

In this edition we will be providing a campground review of Parkers Crossroads RV Park located in Yuma, TN.

This was our first visit to Parkers Crossroads RV Park and when we made the booking we were looking for a place that would provide some peace and quiet while still within driving distance of Nashville and Memphis. We only booked a two week stay, instead of our usual month or more, as the campground limits monthly bookings during their peak season. This is understandable as there is no need to discount your sites when you fill up every night and can charge the maximum amount for it. As a business person I would do the same thing.

Parkers Crossroads RV Park is located off of I-40 in the small town of Yuma, TN. It’s open year round and is situated exactly half way between Nashville and Memphis with the nearest city being Jackson which is about 30 miles to the west. If you are looking for larger chain grocery stores, restaurants or shopping this is where you will want to go. But, if you just need a Walmart then there’s one about 10 miles south in Lexington. And just an fyi, gas is a heck of a lot cheaper in Lexington too!

There isn’t much to the town of Yuma / Parkers Crossroads other than a few gas stations, fast food restaurants and a diner. Most people are just driving through and stop for food, fuel or a place to rest for a night. But this town is actually a hidden gem for people who like history and it has more to offer than what you see driving through or stopping for gas. We will get to that part later.

Once you exit the I-40 you will head north on state route 22 for a couple of miles and the RV park is on the right side. Make sure you slow down because the entrance comes up quick and it goes up at an angle. We saw a few people completely miss the entrance who then had to go farther down 22 and turn around. Otherwise, the driveway up to the park is easy and well maintained with no obstructions. The interior roads are gravel and feel a lot more narrow than they actually are, but it’s a good idea to take it slow through the park.

Camp Store and Airbnb


Campsites – The campground has a variety of different sites in different shapes and sizes and they are nice and level, which was a nice change of pace for us. They have pull-thru’s, back-in’s and some parallel pull-thru sites. Some of their sites are even covered if you are lucky enough to get one. All of the sites are either gravel or concrete pads and have full hook-ups and there are a few 30amp only sites. They also have cabins and some tent sites for those who like too rough it. We were in one of the parallel pull-thru sites and it was a great spot with views of the adjacent farm and the rolling hills.

The campground has good wi-fi and we were able to stream Netflix and Amazon with very limited issues which usually occurred on busy weekends.

Common Areas – This is a large family owned campground. The owners are relatively new and take a lot of pride in keeping it beautiful. They offer a pool, bathhouses, laundry room and and very nice camp store. They also sell propane on site and have a separate dump station.

It should be noted that they are in the process making a large number of additions and improvements.

One improvement that was about to start while we were there was the pool. It’s a nice size pool and the area around it has some nice furniture. But, the surface of the pool itself is old and could use some work. Once completed it will make a great place even better to hang out, keep cool and enjoy an adult beverage or few.

Another soon to be addition is the new off-leach pet park. Currently the area is a giant open field, but it lacks a proper fence to keep pets contained to prevent them from making new friends in the adjacent cow pasture. That is something that is about to change as they have plans to make it a fenced in area, which will make all of the visitors and their furry friends very happy.

There are also plans to add a new playground which will be a great addition for the kids.

Aside from the upgrades and future plans this campground is already a wonderful place to visit and relax. It’s also a great place to just walk around or to go sit in the gazebo down by the pond. Oh, that’s right! They have a beautiful, and quite large, pond with a massive grass field surrounding it. You can go fishing, feed the ducks or just enjoy the beautiful setting.

Pond at Sunset


As we touched on above the owners are relatively new and they take a lot of pride in keeping the campground clean and properly maintained. There are a few dumpsters throughout the campground so trash build up is not an issue. We never saw or caught a whiff of anything untoward.

This is a very large campground and it can’t be easy to keep up the maintenance, but they do. That includes the outdoor seating areas, pool area, the huge pet area, the massive pond and the acres of grass all around. Everything is perfectly kept and manicured to make sure the customers have a great experience. Also, the office space and camp store are not only pristine, they are probably one of the most nicely decorated spaces we have seen yet at a campground.

Huge kudos to the owners!

Customer Experience

The only part we didn’t enjoy about Parkers Crossroads was the day we had to leave. It was the perfect place for us as it’s was close enough to go have some fun in Nashville for a day, but far enough away from everything to enjoy the peace and quiet of the rolling hills. They have plenty of amenities and things to do on site, or in close proximity to the campground, if you like to stay busy. If you’re looking to just relax and enjoy to fresh air you can just sit out by the pool or the gazebo down by the pond. On a nice day it’s great to throw in a line and enjoy a drink.

There is also a lot more to do nearby than it would seem as the town of Parkers Crossroads is home to a great historic site. In fact, when you drive on I-40 you are actually driving right through the middle of the Parkers Crossroads Civil War Battlefield. Once you go the visitors center and museum you can go on a driving tour using a map they provide or you can go on the walking tour of both sides of the battle field where they have historical markers denoting battlefield positions and events. Not only is it an amazing experience, it’s great exercise. And it’s just a mile from the campground!

Pool Area With Pond In Background


The cost of the campground is fair, and what you would expect, considering it’s proximity to the interstate and being on the road between two high tourist areas. For our budget it was a little on the high side, but we are really glad we decided to bite the bullet and stay here.

As for the rates, they charge $54 per night or $329 per week. And if you are lucky enough to get one of the monthly spots it’s only $455 per month plus electric, which is an amazing price and probably why they are never available.


After leaving our previous site in Kentucky we were looking forward to a more relaxing environment and that is exactly what we got at Parkers Crossroads. The site we had was amazing, the owners were wonderful and the views and peaceful setting made for a great stay. Most days we found ourselves just hanging out at the campground and going for walks around the campground or down by the pond. On days we wanted to get out of the campground the battlefield walking paths were always a great option as was visiting Jackson and the nearby distillery.

While Nashville and Memphis are over an hour away in either direction they are still close enough to visit on a day trip. It was nice to go and take in everything those great cities have to offer and you can’t beat the atmosphere of being on Broadway in Nashville. But, for us the best part was being able to enjoy the city and then to leaving to return to peace and tranquility.

We were very happy with our stay at Parkers Crossroads and we will absolutely stay there again if our travels take us in that direction. Hopefully next time we can enjoy more than a couple of weeks.

Interior Roads


In addition to having rv sites, tents sites and cabins the campground also has an Airbnb for rent that is located above the office and store. While we didn’t get a chance to look at the room, it’s probably safe to assume it is well kept and nicely decorated based on the rest of the decor we saw. So if you are looking to book an Airbnb in a nice quiet place in Tennessee this would be a great option.

We hope you enjoyed our review. If you have any questions or feedback please leave them in the comments below.

See you on the road……………….

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