Campground Review – Southern Utah RV Resort

In this edition we will be reviewing Southern Utah RV Resort located in Washington, UT.

This was our first time visiting Southern Utah RV Resort. We stayed at the location for the months of April and May 2023. The resort is located just off interstate 15 at the exit for Washington Parkway. Finding the resort is not too difficult as you can see it from the interstate. However, there is a lot of construction in the surrounding area. This causes some confusion as your GPS might not be correct until all of the construction is completed.

When we arrived in the area our GPS was thrown off because the main road to the resort is still under construction. As a result we needed to go around the development and pick up the road up on the other side of the resort. This is currently the only way to enter the resort until the road is completed.

There is also another resort close by and many people confuse the two locations. The location is great for travelers and people passing through. But until the construction in the area is completed this is something people will have to deal with.

While the proximity to the interstate is beneficial, it is also part of the downside to the resort. The highway noise is present at all times, especially if you are up towards the front of the resort. We were told that a retaining wall will be going up once the construction is completed. That will be a big help in decreasing the noise level!

The check in process is a breeze and the employees are very friendly and helpful.

Southern Utah RV Resort Office


Once you get settled in at Southern Utah RV Resort there are quite a few activities available to the guests. A lot of that really depends on the time of year you plan on visiting as it gets extremely hot in the Summer and mildly cold in the Winter. But, the real gem is the proximity to places like Zion National Park and Cedar Break National Monument.


This is a nice size resort with a good variety of sites. Most the the resort consists of back-in sites that go around the perimeter. In the middle rows they also have some pull-thru and pull-in sites with some nice views.

All of the sites are gravel and have full hook-ups and the spacing of the sites is about average. We were along the east wall just above the entrance to the resort and were quite comfortable.

The campground wi-fi is pretty good and was streamable for the most part. It did slow down at time when the resort filled up on busy weekends.

Common Areas

Southern Utah RV Resort is a relatively new resort. Since we have family nearby we have seen it built from the ground up and they have done a wonderful job.

The resort has three dog parks, two of which are gated for off leash. They do their best to maintain the grass in the dog areas, but as you can imagine that’s a tough task. With the winter weather, summer heat and the number of dogs that visitors bring it does get patchy. But, they are all clean and stink free which is really all that matters.

Southern Utah RV Resort offers a really nice pool and spa area for their guests. This is great after a long day on the road or just to cool off from the heat. They also offer a sports area with a basketball court that can also be converted into a pickle-ball court and a little putting course. In addition to these activities they have a nice meeting area inside for large groups that has a full kitchen and seating.

Southern Utah RV Resort Rainbow Over our Site


The resort grounds are among the cleanest we have ever been to. The staff seems to be meticulous about keeping every clean and tidy for their guests. All of the common areas were very well maintained and weed free. And the dumpsters we adequate for the resort so there was never an issues with foul odors.

The only real downside to this category is the dust that’s a result of the construction nearby. This isn’t the fault of the resort in anyway, but the red dirt get on everything when the wind blows. The problem gets compounded when the monsoons and thunderstorms hit and move all the dust around. We stopped washing our Jeep and RV because it was just futile to try and keep them clean.

Again, no fault of the resort as they can’t control construction or the weather. Just something to know about if you decide to stay awhile.

Customer Experience

At Southern Utah RV Resort the customer experience is what we would describe as active relaxation. There were days where we just relaxed outside and enjoyed the day. It was nice to sit at the pool and talk to other visitors or just hang outside our RV. Other times it felt like we were constantly on the go because there is so much to do and see in the area.

Overall the vibe in the resort was very relaxing and everyone we met from campers to workers were friendly.

Southern Utah RV Resort Pool Area


The cost of saying at Southern Utah RV Resort is fair and reasonable. Especially, for the location and proximity to place like Zion National Park.

For our two month stay we paid a monthly rate of $828 which is a little more than our budget. This amount included electric so when we add the categories together actually came in under our monthly budget. The nightly rates run anywhere from $59 – $69 per night which is a pretty normal range for Southern Utah. Weekly rates start at $295 per week.

One note regarding electric. The resort has installed meters on all of the electrical boxes and we heard they intend to start charging for metered electric on monthly stays. Southern Utah gets extremely hot in the Summer so keep this in mind when you book a stay. Having metered electric in that type of Summer heat could get pricey.


We really enjoyed our stay at Southern Utah RV Resort. It was a nice place to stop and decompress after some rough times at our previous stop. While the area is growing the resort is still outside of the high traffic areas in St. George. Visitors are close enough to go into town for their needs, but don’t have to get mixed up in the traffic just to move around.

Aside from the resort just being nice and well kept there is also the benefit of the location. If you’re outdoorsy people like us there are hiking trails all around the area. Some are just across the highway that are within a mile from the resort. And best of all, it’s just a short beautiful drive to Zion National Park for some of the most amazing hiking and scenery.

The only real downside to the resort is being so close to the interstate and the traffic noise. The sooner they get the planned retaining wall up the better as that is really the only thing that brings the resort down a notch.

Southern Utah RV Resort Sports Area


Since Utah has so many National Parks and monuments this is a good time to mention the America The Beautiful Park Pass. If you are planning to visit more than two National Parks on your trip do yourself a favor and purchase one of these passes.

The pass is only $80 and is good for an entire year from when you purchase it. They can be purchased at any of the National Parks, U.S. Forest Service or BLM locations. They cover the entrance fees for any visits to National Parks, Monuments or other federal lands. The entrance fees are typically $35 for each park so after two it will save a lot of money. Absolutely a must have if you are doing a family National Park road trip.

Safe Travels!!


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