April 2021 Financial Update

The month of April came and went in what seemed to be a flash and we are happy it is over. The month began with us still being stuck camping in a bodyshop parking lot as repairs continued on our RV. Once the wonderful folks at M&M Coach completed the work it was time for us to head to South Dakota so we could complete the process of becoming residents.

Of course everything we hoped to avoid on our journey to and from South Dakota ended up happening. And why not since Murphy’s Law seems to be our copilot and trial by fire is the gauntlet we apparently have to run through in order to live this amazing life.

We hit below freezing temps, snow and heavy winds pretty much every single day in Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota. Just the week before these same places were enjoying sunny 80 degree days but now it’s snowing in the middle of April. We made sure to fill our water tanks every chance we got because several campgrounds were unable to turn on their water due to the risk of the pipes freezing. This also meant we had to ration water because getting more would require breaking down camp and driving the RV somewhere in snowing conditions to refill the tank. No thank you!

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The First Trip………….Part 2

The next morning, after our close call with Mr. Moose, we headed up to see the two ghost towns and spent a couple of nights just outside the park. Then the day we had waited so long for was finally here, Yellowstone!

Filled with excitement, we packed up the RV and headed to the entrance. The line was long, as expected, but the slow drive was worth it to see all of the amazing beauty the park had to offer. Once we got to our campground, we checked in and were assigned a site in one of the loops. As we pulled up to the site I noticed it was on the left side of the loop, opposite of our RV door. “Well, that kind of stinks!” Continue reading “The First Trip………….Part 2”