College Road Trip 2020

This past Summer we enjoyed a wonderful family adventure. We visited Yellowstone National Park and a whole host of other states and campgrounds. It was our assumption that this trip would be the last time our son would join us in the RV as he would be heading off to college next Fall. Well, it looks like we will be doing a little family road trip next year after all.

Now that our son has accepted admission to a big east coast U we started discussing the logistics of getting him and his stuff across the country. Our first thought was for us to fly there and ship all of the necessary items to him. This was going to be very expensive as flying is not cheap and neither is shipping. Our son is also a student athlete so we are not just talking about shipping some clothes and some bedroom items. We need to bring his gear also, which is a big and heavy bag.

As we discussed these possible options, it hit us. We have a huge RV, why are we even considering wasting money on flights and shipping?

At that moment, College Road Trip 2020 was born!

There isn’t a more perfect way to send our son off to college than a 2500 mile (one way) road trip. We will be able to visit states he hasn’t been to yet while spending some quality family time together before he is officially a college student. It will also save us some money and the return trip back is like a second road trip / vacation for mom and dad. It’s a win, win, win!!

While we have about nine months to prepare for this trip we do need to get started. As of now, in typical RVF family fashion, we are only thinking of planning two stops. One to see family and the one at the college town. Everything in between is going to be as spontaneous as possible. That’s the fun part about road trips for us. Some days you feel like driving more than others. So the only plans we try and make are for when we need to reach our destination.

And because this is essentially two road trips in one we will need to decide on the route going and the route coming home. The route going we will leave to our son. There are a few to choose from so it depends on what states and cities he would like to see. The route home I can pretty much guarantee will be through the southern states as that is part of the country we have always wanted to see. It’s also an excellent route if you are a history buff like me.

This is a very exciting development for us and we can’t wait to share this adventure with our followers. I will have to add up the number of states we will see. It has to be more than 15 which will be epic!

The end of this trip will also mark a new beginning for my wife and I as empty nesters. We always knew the day would come but to think it’s less than a year away is a crazy concept to grasp. Once we enter this new phase of our lives we have a lot of plans we are moving forward with. We will of course be sharing these plans with you as they develop.

After all, this is the very reason we started this blog to begin with and what we have been working so hard for all of these years.

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  1. K.L. Hale – A woman of faith and flannel~Christ follower, Mom, Grandma, dog-lover, nature nerd, and former educator. I haven’t always lived by the guidelines of “fine print”~but nevertheless, have stretched my muscles well through the climbing out of valleys and ascending and descending the mountaintops (physically, spiritually, and emotionally). Through these journeys life has proven only redeemable with faith. Having had a taste of the R.V. life, I crave simplicity and long for the roads less-traveled (as long as they lead back to what matters most~family).
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    One word ~awesome!

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